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I disagree - the DuoS / CambioC is an excellent piece of engineering. I also disagree with it being half-way automatic, half-way manual. Its a manual, with a robotic clutch, which makes it faster than a person shifting manual. This is why Formula 1 uses the same design.

It requires some time to learn and even more time to appreciate. When I test drove a CC for the first time I nearly gave my wife and the salesman whiplash injuries. After 6 months and 10k miles I love it and don't want a manual or automatic.

Maserati has got to make money for the Fiat group and that means volume. The dealers demanded automatic for the QP and got it. The automatic does bring the Maserati "downmarket" in IMHO, but that is the cost of getting volumes up and making money.

- Toffe
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