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QP Ottocilindri

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Hello All,

I test drove a 1998 QP Ottociliindri today. I fell in love :eek:)

The drive was brief, but interesting and I am almost certain I am going to buy the car...

If nobody minds I have a couple of questions.

The Check Engine light lit during the test drive but went out when the car was stopped and did no relight..Is this an indicator of anything serious ?

The Aircon did not appear to be blowing cool air (although it was difficult to say because it was quite a cool day) is this expensive to repair ?

Although I only drove the car for around 10 minutes the fans were whirring away for a minute or two after the engine was stopped, the car also smelled "hot" if that makes sense.

The previous owner has fitted 17" Maserati Wheels, is this a desirable modification ?

The clutch was very heavy, but worked smoothly and did not seem to drag or slip, is this normal ?

Does anyone UK based have any idea what sort of insurance group the car is ?

Many thanks in anticipation.

I am looking forwards to becoming a Maserati owner.


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Im not a Maserati pro, but the symptoms you have cited are all typical of an older italian car.

if the check engine light is intermittent, maybe a loose connection or corroded sensor..

clutchs are heavy, pretty normal

AC was said to be weak on these cars, but get it checked

all italian cars run hott, just make sure its not overheating.
Congrats on the car, i love those QP's, so underrated.

wat color is it?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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