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QP Ottocilindri

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Hello All,

I test drove a 1998 QP Ottociliindri today. I fell in love :eek:)

The drive was brief, but interesting and I am almost certain I am going to buy the car...

If nobody minds I have a couple of questions.

The Check Engine light lit during the test drive but went out when the car was stopped and did no relight..Is this an indicator of anything serious ?

The Aircon did not appear to be blowing cool air (although it was difficult to say because it was quite a cool day) is this expensive to repair ?

Although I only drove the car for around 10 minutes the fans were whirring away for a minute or two after the engine was stopped, the car also smelled "hot" if that makes sense.

The previous owner has fitted 17" Maserati Wheels, is this a desirable modification ?

The clutch was very heavy, but worked smoothly and did not seem to drag or slip, is this normal ?

Does anyone UK based have any idea what sort of insurance group the car is ?

Many thanks in anticipation.

I am looking forwards to becoming a Maserati owner.


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Maserati's are known to get pretty hot.
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