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QP first impressions

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I took delivery of my used QP yesterday, which I was hoping to be one of those great days of once life that you remember years later. Unfortunately, didn't turn out that way; the dealer (Maranello in St Albans outside London, UK) is amaturish having gone through a management change recently and having hired a bunch of new "top" salesmen from other car makes. These guys might be star salesmen in flogging a Audi or Lexus to somebody, but just don't understand that buying a Ferrari/Maserati is supposed to be special experience and you really don't want to be waiting for 20min for them to look for a PIN for the nav system and that a flat battery when you sit in your new car isn't terribly impressive. Anyway, the dealership aside I thought I would share a few first impressions of owning a QP.

The drive keeps getting better with every miles, I am slowly learning the F1 paddleshifter and taming the engine, having never really driven anything above 200hp. The QP is very smooth in every respect and doesn't suffer the usual problems of a super sports cars; too hard suspension, tire or other noise, "nightclub bouncer" styling, useless backseats etc. In fact it never cross my mind before, but the QP is a actually a coupe, which has been extended so much that four doors fit into the coupe shape. This car is absolutely massive.

Nobody buys these cars for their fuel economy, but still I am shocked at the consumption (11mpg). For our US based drivers, filling the tank of 90l probably seems expensive, but in the UK the 90l sets you back GBP90, which is about $150. I used 1/4 of a tank driving home from the dealer!

A few small things that I hate; the gearbox, brilliant as it is at speed, is useless in a garage or in slow precision driving (parking, garages, slow approaches). The satnav is awfully slow and keeps freezing up (here I have to admit that I choose moble phones based on responsivness). Althought the hifi has very nice sound quality, unless you turn the whole unit off, there is a static noise coming from the speakers. There seems to be no way to have the satnav on without music unless you want to listed to static. Maybe if my QP wouldn't have the glasspack, this wouldn't be a problem, but it is totally silent in the cabin which is amazing feeling in a car (Merc S class doesn't compare). For somebody considering getting the glasspack - don't order it if you enjoy hearing the engining sound. The isolation is very good and I actually have to open a window when I floor it in second gear to hear that sweet spinning / purring sound at 4700 rpm, which is the reason we all love Maserati so much...

- Toffe
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Special Transmission Mode

Steeldream said:
There's a special transmission mode "particularly suited to parking maneuvers" for the cambiocorsa. I'm not sure if it's the same for the QP

To engage: hit the down paddle while in first. You should hear a beep and the gear indicator should start to flash. DOWNshifting again cancels the special mode.

I get about 14 MPG but between the high gas prices post katrina and the 23 gallon tank, I spent $73 on a single tank - the most I've ever spent on gas at one pumping.
I have not heard of this "special transmission mode" before. I could not get this to work per your instructions in my 2004 Coupe. In slow parking garage manuevers while in first gear, my car will engage and disengage the clutch at about 1300 RPM's. How does your car behave when you activate the special mode? It would be nice to get the car to stay in gear down to a lower RPM for slow speed manuevering and reduce clutch wear.
Steeldream said:
Maybe it has been superseded after 2002. OR if you're talking about a QP the transmission is different from the Cambiocorsa. I think they call it DuoSelect.

I tested it out today and there's no mystery or trick to it. If you're in first and pull the down paddle the dash beeps, the indicator flashes and you can toodle along at walking speed as long as you like. As soon as the revs climb above 1300-1500 it self cancels.

Steeldream thanks for the info. I checked my manual last night also - no info about the parking manuever. As I said my car does not respond with the 2002 directions in your manual. It appears that the 2004 Coupe no longer has this transmission option. It would be nice if it could be programmed back in. I will check with my dealer here in Denver. It seems from your description that clutch wear would be reduced at low speeds if you could keep the car in gear below 1300 RPM's.
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