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QP driving position

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Anyone else notice that the steering wheel is offset to the left of center when you are seated? It may only be in certain configurations with full-function seats. Very annoying that they couldn't get that right.
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Yes, yours appear straight. Mine don't appear to be. Neither was the car my dealer tested out when I phoned him to mention it.

It's a 07 QP Exec Auto with all the seat features. I'll do the same laser test on it tomorrow and report back.
i'm sorry i find it annoying that these claims seem to be.. annoying.
Well M!, looks like you've made the mistake many people make when talking about their Italian cars - "If it's true for mine, it must be true for all of them". These are home made cars, and unfortunately, looks like some of the newer cars are not as thoughtfully put together as yours.

Here are my photos, which show my seat alignment off by about an inch. Does anyone know if there is some way to adjust this without manufacturing a set of custom spacers?


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OK. Home made, hand made, well made, poorly made. They should have gotten it right.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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