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QP as Only Car

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Hi all,

Brand new to the forum and I really just have one aching question on my mind. Is the Quattroporte suitable for every day use, particularly in an area where snow is a given in the winter time?

I presently live in downtown Boston, and I am very seriously considering trading in my 7 Series for a QP. I can get a brand new one at the price that I want, but I'm just a little unsure about having it as my only vehicle. I travel about 5 or 6 miles to work every day, but, if absolutely necessary could take the subway. However, more importantly, I make the drive down to NYC on a regular basis. Travel is all on major interstates, but still, I've seen it get fairly slippery out there.

If I put snow tires on the car, do you think that I will enjoy owning the QP, or do you think it will be more of a headache than it's worth?

Would very much appreciate any feedback/comments. Thanks in advance.

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Hi CJ,

A warm welcome to the forum.

My circumstances are similar to yours and I have now been driving a QP as a daily and my only car for about 10 months. I live in London (UK) and, usually, we get a lot less snow than you guys in Boston. However our last winter saw record snowfall and I would say the QP is pretty good in snow. It has a winter setting which will do things like start the car in second gear and not exceed 3,200 revs.

I imagine you will definitely need to invest in snow tyres during the heavy snows you get but that is about all.

Sounds like you have been thinking hard and clear about a QP and I therefore hope (and am pretty sure) it is a decision you will not regret at all - they are magnificient cars.

Let us know if you have any other questions but also check out the thread:

Only thing I would recommend is looking at nearly new examples since they seem to be getting better value in NA judging from some recent threads and you are not taking a pretty major depreciation hit.

Best of luck

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Isn't the 7 series a rear wheel drive car? All bimmers I've owned were terrible in the snow, as the same with rear wheel drive cars. But the Maserati QP with its "Snow" button is pretty great. The braking on the snow is really good, meaning it actually works and can detect when there is actual snow on the ground. Now that doesn't mean you can go whatever on the snow, but it is the same as any Saloon snow wise, a good set of snow tires seems to be best for those winters, you might want to get another set of rims on ebay or from another forum member and put winter rubbers on. I have vredesteins and have not used them in the snow, but they work awesome in the rain and as always, use caution in inclement weather!
Honestly, I have used my QP as my primary vehicle for a period. It not impossible just as long as you are constantly aware of the clutch (F1 system). Though I have other vehicles to use, I still find my self using the QP a lot more than the others. The auto trans version will be more suited and easier to live with as a daily driver though. Honestly, as with most exotics, the more you use them, the better they will be in the long run, provided of course you drive it properly.

Good Luck.
I'm in the process of outfitting an extra set of 19" Mas wheels with Pirelli Sottozero tires to use during the winter (it's a Sport GT which uses 20s).

I swapped winter/summer tires on my past two Mercedes over the course of many years and the difference was substantial. The Merc was almost useless in mild snow with its standard tires, but with snow tires it gripped rather well (for a light, 400-hp, RWD car). This will be my first winter but I suspect the QP may have even better traction due to the added overall weight and better distribution towards the rear wheels.
I swapped my BMW525 for a QP about four months ago and use it as a daily driver. I have a duo select and tend to use the auto function around town and the paddles for longer journeys. The auto is not as good as a proper auto box but after a time I find I can get it ito change very smoothly with judicious use of the throttle. On the paddles it becomes a proper sports car with superb balance and performance. After all this is what it was designed as.
Go ahead and get one. You will get the grin factor every day!

We haven't had any snow since I have had it but it cannot be worse than a BMW!

We haven't had any snow since I have had it but it cannot be worse than a BMW!
It gets slightly worse... the lighter 5.5L Mercedes. Race car torque but no weight over the wheels.
2008 QP

Use as a daily driver for 2 1/2 years, 30K miles, have second set of wheels with snow tires. Very drivable in all reasonable conditions. Have the automatica with paddles. Great combination. Unlike other cars I own the QP allows downshifts to 1st gear and high revs. The car seems to beg for it.

400 angry Italian horses
I don't use mine in the snow but know I do use mine very often. They are a great reliable car. Just take care of her and she will take care of you.

I just took delivery of my 2007 QP Sport GT this week and it's everything that I thought it would be. So far, reality has exceeded my fantasy of what it would be like to own this car. Regarding winter driving, I'm in DC and with the exception of last year, we typically get at least two storms a year of 4-6 inches. I think I will end up buying another car by the end of the year to give the Maserati a winter break. My trip to work is about the same as yours and I will be using it as my daily driver. I would strongly urge you to buy a preowned certified car from a dealer rather than buying new. With the massive depreciation after the first year, it seems like a waste of cash. My car has 9,000 miles and looks and drives like it rolled off the production line yesterday.

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