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Long time car enthusiast here that is interested in acquiring one of these grossly under rated cars-was wondering if there is a way of putting together a short list of the changes to the coupe/spyder/QP on a model year to year basis. Thanks!

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Needs a lot of work chaps. Who's gonna do it? ;)
It would be nice if the car mags tested these cars on a some what regular basis. I had the privilege of seeing the first street driven maser gt in the states when they returned and dismissed this car as yet another too expensive and tempermental italian exotic; however lurking on this forum and talking to owners I find I was pleasantly mistaken. Moreover the car has real back seats for the kids in addition to the chain-driven cams of a ferrari engine. The Mondial which I considered is a distant memory now. I'd love to pick up a gransport coupe with FD goodies to take to the track but seeing the early coupes come down in price makes them VERY ATTRACTIVE, hence my initial inquiry re the sticky. Maybe I'll go to the factory when I'm in italy in april and ask them. :)

Bigfoot-lets hope you can add 2010 also....

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Ok here is what I learned about different models offered in different years. I don't know much about spyders or Quattroportes. I mainly researched Coupes before buying a 2006 Coupe GT.

I have only been around a few months and been an owner for a few weeks. This is by no means complete so please correct me and make additions. Treat this like a Wiki. Post changes or addition/deletions and I will edit this post within the thread...

Coupe 2002-2006
•Coupe Cambiocorsa (F1 style paddle shift transmission abbreviated CC) transmission improved over previous years and fewer problems reported
•coupe body changed (front and rear bumper and larger grill)
•Offered in CC and GT (6 speed manual transmission with 3 pedals, a “real” clutch sometime
•abbreviated 6M/T pr just 6M)
•cupholder added
•No change in body from 2005 except for different grill (vertical bars rather than wire mesh)
•Coupe offered in GT and CC transmissions
•Some 06 GT strippers (no option models) in black on black and silver on black imported into US

Gransport 2005-2006*
•start of Gransport (sometimes abbreviated GS) model (offered as an LE option package?)
•Not a change to Coupe, rather a different car resembling the coupe
•Different front and rear bumpers than Coupe and “surfboards”
•Sport tech fabric interior
•Only offered in the F1 style paddle shift transmission
•Superior shifting compared to previous models with F1 style transmission

•full leather interior option rather than only the Britex

MC Victory
Alacantra (“Suede”-like) interior
MC12 racing seats
Limited production (180)

GS Spyder added to the line

*2007 Gransport (only available in Europe?)

Options (not sure what year they were offered...
Xenon headlights
Factory Navigation
Vintage package (?)
Leather headliner
Stereo options (CD changer)
Skyhook suspension
Carbon fiber (interior steering wheel, console…)
Heater seats

Popular Aftermarket modsExhaust (laneri, tubi, …)
DBW (Formula Dynamics Drive By Wire)
FD springs
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