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Price Check on 2005 Spyder

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I am thinking about a 05 Spyder with low miles. I have to verify what options but the majors are Skyhook, Xenons, and Vintage package. No Nav is installed. Good colors, blue & tan.

The asking prices are currently very high but it doesn't appear that they are getting those prices. What does everyone thing it is worh?
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lol. you can buy it now for $120k. :0
i will let mine go for $10k less to ya. =P
Nice but not the car I was thinking about and definitely not the money. For that much I would look at another 360, coupe this time.

Talked to the dealer this morning. He claims it has Nav but I wouldn't take that bet. The pictures of the console has it displaying 'nav not available' so either it is missing disks or it isn't installed.

The dealer said he is asking 78. I told him the market says low 60's selling price. He didn't laugh just asked what my offer was. My move I guess.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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