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Power Seat Function Not working - an FYI

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After i got my car back from a local mechanic who installed my Formula Dynmanic Springs, my seat was stuck and would not move. Unfortunatley for me, my mechanic is 5 inches shorter than me.

I checked the fuses and found them intact (under pasenger seat floorboard)

the mechanic found a relay in the trunk near the battery hookup which controls the Memory functions, the connection was corroded. It appears you also have to reset the Memory System once the system is repowered up.

Seeing as this may happen to other owners, thought I should post this to save others headaches and cash.

contrary to what we thought, none of the relays were under the seats themselves.
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Actually, there's a sequence of button pushing you can go through to "reboot" your the forums and you'll find it.
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