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Hello Everyone,

I am an admirer of Maserati, and I recently noticed this advertisement -
2008 MASERATI GranTurismo Coupe

Of course, the ridiculously low price is suspicious, but I'm the curious type, so I inquired about the car and the low price. This is a recent e-mail that I received from a Mr. Larry Feldman, which is suspicious -

The reason why I'm selling it is a divorced settlement.....I must share everything with my ex.
I am very mad on this situation but I don't have any options...
I don't want to sell it at the real price because my wife will be awarded most of the money,
the lower the sticker price,the less i have to give to her, got it?

I am recently moved because of my divorce, at my residence house in North Palm Beach, FL and the car is here as well.
I propose to close the deal through Google Checkout, in the most transparent and easiest way possible for both of us.
You can read more about Google Checkout on

In this deal your advantage is ( before to make any payment to me )
-You can see and test drive the car anywhere. -You can go at dealership to check the car.
-You will have five days to inspect the car at your home.-You will receive the car in no more than 2-3 days.
-The clear title and the bill of sale will both be signed and they will be shipped together with the car.

Basically, it's similar to buying a car locally, the money will be sent to their holding account, and they will keep the money until you will receive the car.
After they inform me that they have secured your payment into their account, I'll deliver the car to your address and pay the shipping myself.
After you will test drive it, inspect it for 5 days and decide to keep it, they will forward the money to me once you have approved them to do so.
If you won't like or if it is not as advertised, which I can assure you it won't be the case because it's a state of the art vehicle, the car will be
returned to me at my expense and you get full refund from Google Checkout.

I will only require a refundable downpayment of $2,000 (in held by Google Checkout till you receive and inspect the vehicle) and the
remainder of the balance upon the inspection period (5 days).
So if you agree to buy the car send me your info to start the transaction
- First Name:______________________________
- Last Name:______________________________
- Shipping Address:_____________________
Thank you

Needless to say, I'm not going to proceed with this; there are too many red flags.

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Never buy a car that you can't independently verify actually exists. Period. As Travis points out, a PPI is an excellent way to do this.

PS - if this guy doesn't want his wife to get much money from this, why is the price so high? What he really needs is a sledge hammer! :ninja2:
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