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Since I'm selling the car and I haven't had a chance to get these in the car, I figured I'd just try to sell outright.

4200 intake manifold (spyder, coupe, gransport, QP). 2 pieces, polished upper finished with a clear powdercoat. Red powdercoated lower to match valve covers (although you don't really see this). $1500

4200 valve covers (spyder, coupe, gransport, QP). Left and right, both finished in "italian red" powdercoat. Color matches the red calipers. Smooth finish so you can wipe it clean to a glossy finish with wet papertowel. $1000/pair

4200 Fuel rail trim (spyder, coupe, gransport, QP). Left and right, both polished to a mirror shine including "Maserati" script (in the pic above). $200/pair.

Although it won't add any HP to your car, these will cause you to lift your hood and show off your engine everychance you get.

Parts were original OE parts taken off a wrecked car, these are OE parts and I've confirmed with my dealer that installing them will not void the warranty in any way (except for the finish).

PM me for additional pics.
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