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Hey all. Have a bunch of parts from M156/M157 that customers have had me buy and then I could never return when they never showed up at my garage for the work, or from a car that was scrapped/totaled that I stripped. I also have some used stuff for anyone interested.

New in box BCM
New in box AWD module
New in box High pressure fuel pump
New front black carpets and floor mats
Fuel rails for 3.0 V6
A pair of turbo chargers (used, less than 6k on them)
An intake manifold with sensors and throttle body
Cylinder heads/variators/camshafts
Engine bay harness
Steering column
Clockspring for non paddle shift car
Transfer case (14k miles)
HFM new in box
Used F1 system from an older style QP/Cambiocorsa/Spyder
Coils for a 3.0
Every sensor from the engine of a 3.0v6
Cross drilled and slotted rotors for a GT MC (4k miles, no rust or lip)
Fan assembly for M156/M157 3.0

I have a lot of stuff. Send me a PM for some pictures or if you have questions. I do also have some factory wheels in varying conditions. And I do have some suspension components for older GT/QP.
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