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Pictures up

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I finally got my pictures up in the photo section, Thanks Andrew for giving us this feature
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It looks really good! I like that blue, very soft (matches the sites color :D )
Did you get the complete Vintage package or just the aluminum racing pedals? They look great. I would like to add those on to my coupe.
Just the pedals, I think they were about $365. They are worth it even though my wife thought I should glue some pieces of rubber on them :roll:

Very nice....big fan of the nero with gray striping...sweet combo
good show! Mine's the coupe with the chrome grill...
Great looking car! Of course I'm more than a little biased - we also have the Azzuro Argentina. Ours is a tan (butter?) interior. Yours is a nice change of pace; quite beautiful. :)
Put a few pics up myself, Red '03 Cambio Spyder, black interior. Love the car.

My last car was a Viper and I thought I'd miss the brutal power, but I don't. The Maser is soo much easier to drive, the engine is flawless and pulls hard, and that sound again... The whole experience puts it well in front of any other car I've owned.

The interior is also incredible. Comparatively, the Maser feels like we are driving around from our sofa.

Still quirky, but everything I'd hoped it would be, and more. It truly is a daily driveable Ferrari. Have to go do something other than relish in the car, my face is hurting from smiling... :D

The pictures look nice. Thanks for adding them.
Cool update on the photos. When you are viewing the larger photo you'll see who submitted the photo. Click their name and you'll see their profile. Next step is to build a gallery for each user (not too hard, just the time).
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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