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I took the train from Baltimore to Philly 30th street. Met finance manager and saleswomen, Was driven to Kerbeck in Palmyra New jersey 10 minutes away.

Picked up my new NERO CARBONIO 2006 QP SPORT GT

As I bought the car site unseen.

It now has 260 miles after driving back to baltimore.


Which baby seat do you guys have in the back seat of your QP, not an INfant seat, for a 30 ibs. boy. (21 months)

Also It says Tire presure lkight going off,I hit swith in SUnroof console .nothing happened.

I need a babyseat quick.

Pics coming next few days :)

thanks Eric

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congrats on the QP sport GT !!!

this is a car seat i use, for your younger kid get this same booster with the extra back piece
GRACO makes it.

it's easy to use, fits nice, has cup holders and the rear center pice can come down.... easy to store in the trunk.

Cheers enjoy!

btw, periodcally i get that same TPMS notice, just hold the button down for a minute until the notice goes away.

drive safe


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