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I am trying to quantify the improvements in the performance of my car after the FD upgrades.

I have installed:

BMC filter
Larini De-Cat
ECM upgrade 93 octane

The car feels a lot faster and more responsive (if not so linear as before - there is a distinct "step" in the power delivery above 5000 rpm).

I borrowed one of those accelerometer gizmos and I tried to do some tests. Unfortunately my P Zeros (notoriously slippery when cold) combined to the very cold tarmac conditions in Illinois don't make for ideal grip conditions right now. Nevertheless, I managed to record a very impressive 4.86s for a 5-60 mph rolling start, with a lot of wheelspin in first gear. A Ferrari F430 tested by C&D a few years ago did it in 4.7s in ideal temperature conditions, I think in the summer I should match if not beat this number.

A standing-start 1/4 mile (again, with LOTS of wheelspin in first gear and some in second gear) resulted in 12.7s, again a VERY impressive result given the conditions. I expect to shave quite a lot off this time in the summer. And wait until I buy the P Zero Corsa semi-slicks...
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