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my name is ungureanu eduard and i own a 1983 maserati biturbo 2.o.
recently i had an car crash that resulted in a damaged right front of the car.
more exactly the damaged body parts (hopefully there were no mechanical parts
afected) are : bonnet, right fender, front bumper, right headlights&plastic mask,
right turninglight and the front panel that supports the headlights.
could you please assist me in this matter and tell me if wether i can purchase
the parts listed above from you or if not to guide me to another maserati parts dealer.
in either cases it would be of a very very very much help a proforma or a price list
for these parts in order to present it to the insurrance co. so that i can receive the
insurrance money and start the repairs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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