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Hello all,
I'm new to this forum and Maserati's in general. I'm a big euro car guy, own a Merc c43 amg, and a old school Audi 80 quattro. Had a '91 Audi V8 quattro that got totalled back in October :( RIP. Also have a '76 Merc 450 slc in the garage that's a running project car. I've seen Spyder's on ebay and autotrader for ~$27,000. I could definitely afford the car, but upkeep and maintenance is what I'm worried about. I'm looking to put <5000 miles a year on one, and it will be off the road for the winter. It will never even see road salt a day in it's life. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and the winters here are death on cars. So my question is, is there anywhere online you can buy parts for these cars, and get service manuals??? I'm a big DIY'er on cars, and I've done major work like timing belts and rebuilding suspensions myself. I know the timing belt is a frequent item of replacement on these, as is the clutch. Unless I'm missing something it sounds like you'd be at the mercy of the dealerships, none of which are in my part of the state :( Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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