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On my 2002 Mase Coupe Cambio, the right turn signal stays lit with the key off and removed. The headlight is set to 'off'. With the key in and the car running, the right turn signal light on the instrument panel is lit. If you move the turn indicator lever to left, the light blinks on once, then does nothing.

I have checked the fuses and they appear OK. I haven't found a relay that would be involved with the turn sigs.

It is possible that I smell a faint wire burning smell when the car is running, however, if I had a short, I would expect a fuse to go out on me. With the smell I am concerned driving it anywhere, including to the dealer 60 miles away.

I have had to charge the battery due to this. Using a decent charger-- but I cannot imagine that that could backfeed into the system even with the kill knob left on.

Any similar experiences or thoughts?
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