Hi guys,

I've sold my dream Maserati Granturismo (2007 model) due to new projects and dreams.

I replaced the original infotainment with the AuCar system and found that very useful for everyday use, however did intend on replacing back to original one before selling (since I think it has some kind of "Italian Charm" after all!).

Both are, obviously, used and have somewhat sticky buttons (who doesn't?). Other than that they look quite decent and they have been kept safe since I dismantled them.

I would like to sell both combined (since I have no use for them anymore), the market in Norway is rather small so figured I'd try here. They are also going on Ebay for the same price.
If you only need one of them, do hit me up with an offer.

Check my earlier posts for legitimacy. I can also show ID on request. Money need to be sent upfront but very happy to send proof and receipts for shipping and what not!