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I'm a new member. I'm 33 and living in the south of France.
I've just bought a 2001 3200gt with 26 000 km, but I didn't checked the remote key fob at the delivery.

Soon after, I realized that they do not work and I phoned to the dealer (official Maserati dealer) and his answer was: "Central lock was optional at this time, and is not included into your car !". I never heard something so stupid !!!

I've brought the car to an other Maserti dealer and they want to change the alarm ECU with a big bill ! but I think that's mad to change an alarm system just because the remote are out of sync.

The problem is that the only way to get in the car is to open it with the key which works the central locking but does not disable the alarm. Has anyone else experienced this or know what it might be ?

Thanks for help

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