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Coupe sat for its usual period (driven once a week) and would not start. Figured the FIAMM had given up the ghost after 4 years. Bought an Optima Red Top 34R from Autozone ($200). Installed per instructions in previous threads about this.

Started... sparks! smoke!

Duh... forgot there is no cap that I can find for the positive terminal on the Red Top and it happened to be touching a metal part of the fuse box (who designed this? seems like there is plenty of room in there and no need to cram the fuse box right above the battery) and thus shorted.

Wedged the old red plastic cap from the FIAMM in (doesn't fit right, of course) and car starts up with no problems... runs great!

Problems: 1) Any better permanent solution to covering the positive terminal? and 2) For some reason, the negative terminal clamp is somewhat loose no matter how much I torque it. Perhaps the Red Top's negative terminal is slightly smaller than the FIAMM's?

Any suggestions?
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