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One reason *not* to lower your Maserati...

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...after a very anxious moment the other night. I took my son out for pizza after his soccer game (no, pizza not allowed in the car, of course :wink:), and went to park. As I pulled in to a relatively normal sized curb, I heard the painful sound of the front cowling being ground and torn. :shock: I slowwwwwlllly backed away (not easy in a CC, I tell you) and prepared myself for the worst. :cry: Visions of UPS packages from Italy danced through my head along with large checks. :roll: As I crouched to look, the sky opened up and sun rained down upon me as I found only a minor scratch in an invisible location. :D But, lesson learned that I need to be careful. If the Maser had have been lowered, even half an inch, the outcome would have tearful... :idea:

Just thought I'd pass it on to those of you who won't be trailering your Maser to the track and need to actually park it.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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