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If the leak is in one of the vacuum lines / hoses , in some cases a smoke test might detect it . The shop should be able to do that .
My MBZ had a small leak in a hose which set off a CEL, but the car also had some rough idle symptoms at cold starts .

Or as noted in the above posts , if it’s the gas cap it may take more than a day or two of driving it to resolve the reading which triggers the CEL.

Could also be a gasket ( the intake manifold one ) but doubtful that’s likely . A failing evap system valve ( ECR ? ..can’t remember what those are called ) could trigger the CEL, but I’d think that’s also a low probability, as well. I’m told that 80% of CELs are triggered by emissions related problems, but clearly there are others..

I’d suggest a smoke test, should be cheap and quick. If it turns out to be a hose with a loosened clamp , or even a crack in it, if it’s easily accessible to replace it should be quite inexpensive..
Cant imagine there is a problem driving a little while with the CEL on ( absent any serious symptoms ) just as long as you don’t test your fate and take the rpm to the redline , but I could be wrong so best rely on Jason’s response to that ..
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