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Oh-oh, is my F-1 Pump Fried??

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:confused:So, I get into my 2003 Maser Coupe CC yesterday to give it a little exercise. But, I don't hear that wonderful (and reassuring) F-1 pump priming sound. The car won't start; won't even turn over. What gives? Oh, no, I bet the time has come for my 11,400 mile, 5 year old car to need a BIG service! It's late Saturday afternoon and the Dealership Service is closed for the weekend. By a stroke of luck, I had recently heard about a former FM Tech who was in the process of opening his own Independent FM repair shop. His name is Eddie Rodriguez (562-219-9919 and [email protected]). I telephone Eddie. He listens attentively and then has me perform some perfunctory diagnostic procedures (checking fuses, reset battery knob, etc, etc). Nothing is jumping out as to the cause. He starts to mention F-1 relay and F-1 Pump and my heart starts to race. Get this, Eddie agrees to come to my house on Sunday to diagnose the problem in person. I can't believe his helpfulness, but gladly accept his offer. He arrives and starts a methodical diagnostic check of the vehicle. He determines that the relay is "good" and that the Pump is "good" (Music to my ears). He then tests the battery. In my heart, I know it is not a battery problem because I keep the battery on a tender 24/7. When he comes up for air, he says, "Yep, you've got at least 1 dead cell on your battery; I'm convinced that's your problem". How could that be? He explains that it is the original battery and that it just "dies with age". He buys a new battery, installs it, takes it for a test drive and comes back with a "thumbs up"!!
You guys know how I always preach the good folks at FM of Orange County; but I have to tell you, I have found MY NEW MASERATI MECHANIC! Eddie is a fully Certified Ferrari/Maserati Mechanic, trained at the New Jersey training grounds. He has many years of experience repairing Ferraris and Maseratis and his professionalism, demeanor, and work habits are second to none. I know we Maser owners in Southern California are always on the lookout for the very best in service and care for our cars and I personally think this guy Eddie is worth a call when you need something for your car.
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Evidently, he is looking in the area of Huntington Beach to open his shop, until then he does some work out of his house and rents space, I think, in Huntington Beach. IMHO, he is the "new breed" of auto mechanic; someone who gets "Certified" through the car Brand and then goes forth to serve his customers -- His reward being Customers who feel they have received GOOD SERVICE at a REASONABLE RATE and will TELL THEIR FRIENDS, thus building his business. I am a 60 year old retired Police Chief who believes I am a pretty good judge of character and integrity. This guy impressed me.
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