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>>**Official Group buy for West Wind European Floor Mats**<<

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See posts 46 and 51 for actual pics from our orders.

In regards to this thread:

For those of you interested, I have negotiated with West Wind European to allow us 20% off the purchase of a set of floor Mats. I have researched many companies, and have yet to find one that offers the quality and options available for such custom work.

This is a great opportunity to save a good amount of money, especially considering the economic hard times many are facing.

We need at least 4 members to order a full set of mats (front & rear) in order to make this happen. Take a look at their site and look at all the options available. For those of you with numbered MC Victory GranSports, you can have the # of your vehicle stitched into the mat as well.

Please add your name/username to the list, along with what you'd like to order,so we can figure out who's in for what.
Once we have the minimum 4 full set orders, I will contact them again and see how they'd like to handle payment and order processing.

We will call this the Maserati Life group buy for future reference.

1) *MaSeRaTi* ~ Front & Rear mats w/trunk mat 5pcs.


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Is it too late to order a set for my 06 gransport? I want a 5 piece set black carpet with red trident/logo and red binding - Damn, I just got my gransport this week, I wish I had known about this sooner!! I hope they also have for QP sport gts? Black w/red again! hahah
I'm looking for mats, a few months too short for this group buy.

Does anyone know where I can get some floor mats?
A couple options:

Both sites allow you to do some customizing for your colors, heel pads, and piping...Ricambi probably has the Maserati logo licensed.
Got mine from Ricambi Automobilia, you can find 'em per Vince's post or on e-bay:

They've held up pretty well, look great and the set of 4 was $131.00 signed sealed deliv to my house.


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I'm looking for mats, a few months too short for this group buy.

Does anyone know where I can get some floor mats?
You can still order through West Wind European. Group buy pricing is gone but the great product is still there...

speaking of mats. i bought all-weather maserati mats from the dealer. they are *rubber* with a maserati tag on each. i was surprised that they don't fit as well as you would expect. any other gt owners experience the same thing? wonder if '09 are different from '08
Just got them in Black w/ Saddle logo (the modern one without the text)

This is my stock interior with black mats.


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im in for fromts if applicable-
05/GS Black with yellow /yellow bindings &Maserati lettering on mats-
let me clarify-black mats with yellow bindings/& yellow Maserati lettering .direct email: [email protected].
please advise of the costs as well after the 20% discount?
This is an old thread and group buy pricing is long gone. You are best to contact the supplier directly.

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