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>>**Official Group buy for West Wind European Floor Mats**<<

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See posts 46 and 51 for actual pics from our orders.

In regards to this thread:

For those of you interested, I have negotiated with West Wind European to allow us 20% off the purchase of a set of floor Mats. I have researched many companies, and have yet to find one that offers the quality and options available for such custom work.

This is a great opportunity to save a good amount of money, especially considering the economic hard times many are facing.

We need at least 4 members to order a full set of mats (front & rear) in order to make this happen. Take a look at their site and look at all the options available. For those of you with numbered MC Victory GranSports, you can have the # of your vehicle stitched into the mat as well.

Please add your name/username to the list, along with what you'd like to order,so we can figure out who's in for what.
Once we have the minimum 4 full set orders, I will contact them again and see how they'd like to handle payment and order processing.

We will call this the Maserati Life group buy for future reference.

1) *MaSeRaTi* ~ Front & Rear mats w/trunk mat 5pcs.


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Maserati, can I order TWO front seat mats for my Gran Turismo with the Maserati logo, and if so, how much? (I do not need mats for the rear)

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