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>>**Official Group buy for West Wind European Floor Mats**<<

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See posts 46 and 51 for actual pics from our orders.

In regards to this thread:

For those of you interested, I have negotiated with West Wind European to allow us 20% off the purchase of a set of floor Mats. I have researched many companies, and have yet to find one that offers the quality and options available for such custom work.

This is a great opportunity to save a good amount of money, especially considering the economic hard times many are facing.

We need at least 4 members to order a full set of mats (front & rear) in order to make this happen. Take a look at their site and look at all the options available. For those of you with numbered MC Victory GranSports, you can have the # of your vehicle stitched into the mat as well.

Please add your name/username to the list, along with what you'd like to order,so we can figure out who's in for what.
Once we have the minimum 4 full set orders, I will contact them again and see how they'd like to handle payment and order processing.

We will call this the Maserati Life group buy for future reference.

1) *MaSeRaTi* ~ Front & Rear mats w/trunk mat 5pcs.


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Updated list.

1) *MaSeRaTi* ~ Front & Rear mats w/trunk mat 5pcs.
2) kSloan "Dat Dude" ~ Front & Rear mats 4pc
Keep e'm coming fellas

1) *MaSeRaTi* ~ Front & Rear mats w/trunk mat 5pcs.
2) kSloan "Dat Dude" ~ Front & Rear mats 4pc
3) Flashgordon - 1 set Spyder fronts + 1 trunk mat (3 pieces)
4) Vincenzo - 1 set Spyder fronts & trunk (3 pcs)
I added my name to the above list.
Hey...... how'd you do that!?!?!? lol
You must have connections. :D

Anyways, I say we give it a couple more days to see who else wants in on this.
In the meantime, I will contact West Wind and let them know what's going on.

Once we are finalized with our count and ready to process the orders, we will each be able to place our orders individually under the Maserati Life group buy.
Well done MaSeRaTi and thanks for taking the initaitive.
Thank you Sir. Anything to save a few bucks these days is more then welcome in my book.

** Orders will be placed on Monday fellas. March 2nd.**
For those of you on the fence, you have through the weekend to add your name to the list.
Maserati, can I order TWO front seat mats for my Gran Turismo with the Maserati logo, and if so, how much? (I do not need mats for the rear)
Yes, you can. Take 20% off $246.00 and then add $15.75 for shipping.
If you go to the website, just click on the Ferrari topic on top of the page.
The pricing is shown and depends on what it is you want done.

Gentlemen, I just received an email from WestWind asking not to post this sale/group buy on ANY OTHER forum or blog.

This is for Maserati Life members only.
Thank you.
2 more days!!

Guys, only a couple more days before this group buy ends. 20% off is a pretty good deal on any product, let alone merchandise for Maserati's.
Add your name only if you're serious to purchase, otherwise....... kick yourself in the a$$ later when it's too late. :D
Maserati: How do we actually place the order. Do we call up WW on Monday individually and tell them what we want?
Fash, here's an email I received from WW.

We can charge to the individual credit cards and ship to them directly. ( S/H $15.75/set )
Or, we can send to one location ( S/H $29.95 / 4 sets )

Please fax or e-mail us following information once you get 4sets+ orders.
- Name, address,
- Payment information,
- Year and model of the Maserati,
- Color of the mats,
- Color of the bindings,

I will follow up with them Monday morning or over the weekend to get the specifics.
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I haven't been able to find them on the website.What do they look like?(thanks)
They look like every other floor mat on their website...... only they will say Maserati rather than Ferrari Or Lamborghini.
Placing your orders!!!

Guys, I will speak with WW tomorrow (Monday) to get everything finalized and ready.
I am thinking we will all individually place our own order with them on Tuesday March 3rd.

Quick question, does anyone happen to be ordering grey carpet w/blue trim for their order? We have a member that only wants a trunk mat, and would like for one of us to add that to one of our orders. Thing is, that it would have to be someone ordering the same color options as the above.

**Remember........ we need at least the 4 full set orders to be processed in order to get the group buy discount of 20%.
For those of you that have added your name to the list, please be ready to place your order on Tuesday March 3rd.

Check this thread Monday night for the latest update on placing your orders.
Thank you.
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MaSeRaTi - I'm willing to be flexible on the color scheme for the trunk mat. There will hopefully be someone ordering a combination close enough to my preference or will work for me, I trust the Forum tastes! If you've heard back from the guys on the particular colors they're going with can you post them?
Sure! For the fellas that will be placing orders...... please list the color and trim/binding and/or the logo that you will be ordering.

If one of us is ordering a color combination that Cup97 may be interested in, I am sure he will send one of us the funds via paypal or whatever other payment option agreed on once his order is added to one of ours.

1) *MaSeRaTi* Black mats w/ white binding - 1st. Logo shown in post #1
**Latest e-mail from WW.

**Most recent update from WW**

Please e-mail us a list of the group buy members.
We need following information.

1) Year and model
2) Color of the mats
3) Choice of the logo
4) Color of the bindings
5) Please mail us trunk mat paper pattern.
6) Name, address
7) Payment information

Please send this info to WW tomorrow via e-mail or telephone..... or pm me all info except payment info, and you can just give that to them yourself.
I can take care of sending them the trunk mat pattern for the 4200/GS models.
If there is anyone with a GT in on the order, all you have to do is trace a stencil for them to use for the trunk mat.
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Guys, here is the latest of the latest! lol
Please respond SOON!!

Please e-mail us the names of your group so we will know who will receive 20% off.
You can submit order via fax (510)483-9471 or simply call us at (510)483-6721

That being said, please add your full name and make/model/year of car.
Once I submit that info, You can then place your own individual order.
You've got mail (PM)
Thank you! I hope to hear from the rest of you guys soon.
Good job MaSeRaTi.

2 questions:

1) I think that the trunk size for the Spyder is differnt than the Coupe/ QP - do they have this?

2) Are we limited to the exact logos in your first post or can they be modified a bit?
Good questions Flash!!
I just e-mailed WW about them. I expect to hear back very soon, as they have been very quick to responding to my e-mails.
Just waiting to hear from Vincenzo now....... :D
These guys are QUICK!!!

OK Thanks MaSeRaTi.

I will wait for your response and plan to call my order in tommorrow.
Here's their response Flash.

Please send us trunk mat pattern for both Coupe and Spyder.

Yes, you can alter our standard logo or create your custom design.

Now, question is...... will you be able to send them a template of the spyder trunk design. All you need to do is trace it out on some paper or cardboard and send it there way.
I will be doing one for the coupe myself.
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Just waiting to hear from Vincenzo now....... :D
^^Where are you buddy?!?!?!
I know you logged on last night..... :confused:
I need every ones full name to send to WW for the group buy.
This way when you call or place the order, they know to take off the 20% for the group buy.
Ksloan has already handled his, everyone else needs this info to be posted here, or sent to me.
Just full name is all needed for this.
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