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OBDII light

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I noticed today that my OBDII light is on on my 2004 coupe. I hope it hasn't been on for a long time because the steering wheel obstructs the view of the light. Does anyone know more about this system? The manual says it is OK to drive the car conservatively. I live about 2 hours from the nearest dealer, so I'll have to transport the car if I can't drive it there.

I also have noticed that the car has had trouble changing gears recently. The engine seems to rev high like in neutral before the next gear is engaged. Does anyone know if these are related?
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If you want to find out what's causing the code without making the two-hour drive, you could stop by an Autozone and have them plug in their OBDII scan tool. They'll probably get a kick out of seeing your Maser.

I wound up getting one of the relatively inexpensive readers from Actron. It reads the code, plus allows you to reset the code to see if your problem comes back.

The Actron units appear on eBay regularly. Here's one:

The typical scanner probably won't help detect CambioCorsa problems, though. There must be some room in the OBDII standards for extensions by the manufacturers...

Thanks for the suggestion. I went to an Autozone and had a guy use an Actron scanner. He said that the problem was "multiple random cylinder misfiring." He then reset my OBDII failure light.
After that, I drove the car for about a half hour, and the car seemed to perform much better. It was a lot quicker on gear-shifting and launches. Plus, the light did not come back on.
Thanks, you may have saved me a trip to the dealer.

Glad to hear that AutoZone was able to show you the fault code. I'll bet they liked working on the Maser!

A note of caution, though. The Service Engine Soon light (or whatever Maserati calls their version of same) gets 'latched' on when the fault occurs. Turning off the indicator with the Actron unit doesn't really fix anything, so you may see the light come back on if whatever caused the misfire happens again.

My OBDII light came on my 02 Spyder CC recently as well. Took it to the dealer and they determined that my gas cap had a leak which caused the light to come on. It was replaced under warranty but they said that on 02 models where the gas cap does not have the usual plastic cover, that that is a common fault.

On another note, last w/e my battery was totally drained. Even after jumpstarting the car, as soon as I turn off the engine I can't start it again. I took it to the dealer so we'll see what the problem is. Has anybody experienced anything like that before? Also, it seemed to have re-set all the electronics completely (NAV is in Italian now) and on the driver's side, the electronics for the seat don't work anymore, on the passenger side though they are okay. Weird. Anyway, I'll see what they find.


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