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Bought an OBDII reader - finally.

About time for me to get active again. Have been sick for over 6 months, but feel alive again and ready to install Jeff’s ECM & DBW. As suggested by Jeff an OBDII reader cold be useful, so I bought one and read code: P1602. What is that for our car (GranSport)? Sorry, am too lazy to search ifor it here, maybe it has already been discussed!

I also read the following 11 read-outs on the OBDII in a vertical listing: MIL off; Monitors 5; INC Catalyst; Evap; Sec Air; 02 Snsr; 02 Htr; 3 Ready; Misfire; Fuel; Comp. Any comments?

Thanks for your help, whomever whish to respond.

I will try write up a full evaluation on the two control units when I have got it finished.

I have been very glad for all the comments by so many excited "new" members hav made. What a wonderful web-site we have!! Kai

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MIL = Malfunction Indicator Light, Same as CEL = Check Engine Light
So it's good that it's off, that indicates that you do not have a "major" problem that has set the light.

The rest appears to be reporting what's being monitored by the OBD.

I believe that the code you pulled has to do with the fact that the battery was low at some point, set a code and was recharged. It saves this fact in case you clear it and it keeps poping up... that could indicate a problem.

The OBDII port is located near the driver right knee under the dashboard.

Best Regards,
-- Jeff
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