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I had the FD ECU mod installed a little while back and while the car seems to have more power up top (when fully warmed up), it is very rough running and unresponsive when cold (e.g. anything below full operating temp of 195) and is also very difficult to start when hot (e.g after a period of hard driving followed by a 5 minute stop). I thought that I was going to have to call a tow truck yesterday after stopping for a cofee - the thing just kept cranking but would not fire. After pumping the gas pedal and keeping my foot to the mat while turning it over, it finally lit up.

I am also burning about an extra gallon of gas every time that I drive it because I have to let it idle in the garage for a long time to get to temp before driving off anywhere (my wife is nagging my ass off about CO2 etc every time that I do this so I need to get it fixed...).

Jeff feels that it may be running lean - he is sending a re-mapped chip to match my new Larini X-Pipe and de-packed pre-cats but I supect that my tech may not have installed the original chip right.

Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas? Thanks.

BTW: I am at an elevation of about 3800 ft ASL.
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