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This really stinks, it's Nov 13 and we got 4 inches of snow on ground last night :( I had thought I would be driving my Spyder right up till at least Thanksgiving. Most years I have liked changing cars as it seemed fun to jump back into my 4runner for the first time, But it seems like I just started driving my Spyder which I picked up on April 1st and have driven every single day since and not one trip in for service. Can easily say I have never enjoyed a car so much. Will seem like a long winter waiting to drive again. Usually I like trading cars in now and ordering for a spring delivery but since Maserati is going for a new Spyder in 2006 figure is best to wait till next fall to trade. My first plan was to jump to a Ferrari but after enjoying the Maserati so much why should I spend the extra bucks. Getting jealous seeing some of you get the latest from them but I will have my fun next year planning my order. And at least this time I will have this site for info as when I ordered last year there was zero resources for the new Maserati's. Thanks for giving us this site Andrew and more here need to subscribe to help keep it going. Is a very small investment when you think about how if Maserati starts to take off should do a lot in slowing down the deprecation we all face
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