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Recently had the chance to get some track time with a GS and with a non-Skyhook Coupe. The non-Skyhook rides fine, like a regular coupe in Sports Mode. The real difference is the body role and the break dive and acceleration squad. You can really notice the difference on the track. For unexperienced drivers the Skyhook is easier to control on track, for experienced drivers the non-Skyhook is just as fast and can be "thrown around" more aggressively using gas and brake steering.

I kinda liked the non-Skyhook for the level of "fun" it allowed on track. For timed runs the GS with Skyhook can not be beat though.

I am sure you won't notice the difference 95 % out of the time, if the remaining 5 % are worth the extra money for you - you should get a Skyhook equipped car. (I wouldn't want one without it)

Have fun selecting!
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