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Hello all. Just got my first maserati, a 2005 Cambi. Coming from a very trouble free Lambo Jalpa, I hope this expirience is as pleasuable. It was a Cali. car, and now lives in the snow covered area of New Hampshire. I've had the chance to drive it twice before the snows hit, and now sleeps waiting for warmer days in my heated 12 car garage.
I would like to upgrade the wheels on it- they now have 18" ball polished wheels, and I would like 19" ball polished GranSport if possible. They are a little pricey from the dealer, so hopefully good used ones will be able to be aquired.
The other cars are Lincolns, with Ducati, MV Agusta, and Harley bikes (motorcycles my second passion) As well as a heard of trail bikes for myself and my twin 19 year old boys. (Husky TC 610 and Honda's XR 500 & XR 650's)
I guess that's all for now, unless anyone knows of any groups to join up here in the east for get togethers and road runs. The Lambo group wasn't too good for that, but the Pantera people have something going on year round. Thanks again Doug Grant
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