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Just another two cents worth...

I generally agree with what has been said, above. I actually prefer the earllier cars. As was said, they have all been updated with the latest mechanical and software upgrades. This was not necessarily an improvement, mind you. I actually preferred my original CC software, as it was much more "Ferrari" in tuning. Clutch take up was much more abrupt, more performance oriented. The later software iterations provided more clutch slippage for a more gradual engagement. I also prefer the solid black center console trim, as compared with the pewter or silver color introduced in the ensuing years. The black is much more complimentary to the earth-tone interior colors, in my opinion.

The NSX is an awesome car. Much more direct in its responses than the Maserati. Having said that, the Maserati drivetrain can't be beat. Formula Dynamics are close to having a set of upgrades-suspension, transmission software, engine tuning-that should have the Maserati beyond competitive on track days, at a very reasonable price. From a purely vain point of view, because so few Maserati Coupes are on the road, onlookers don't know if it's brand new or 8 years old, they just haven't had the exposure. People love to start conversations with me about this car. The same can't be said for the NSX. Nearly everybody who's looking at cars knows that car is yesterday's news, as good as it was and is. Putting image issues aside, I could happily own both of these cars side by side, particularly if each were stock examples.

Best of luck in your purchase. As my wife would say, yours is a "First World," problem.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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