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Hey all,

I'm 20 and a huge euro car freak. I was looking on randomly searching Maseratis that I thought I couldn't afford, and noticed something.... Used Maseratis (02s) are not that expensive as 02 Ferraris. Given, it's NOT a Ferrari (or Lamborghini for that matter), but my are they wonderful cars. Are they really that close to ownership for someone? $43-50k for a used maser isn't that bad! I'm sure the maint. on those isn't as easy nor affordable as the competitively priced M3 or say an entry-level Porsche. But those cars are everywhere. A Maserati... That's something else! And most people I've talked to don't believe that you can own that year's models for that low!

What's the deal here???

(And again, I'm 20, new here, and from Indianapolis. I'm also on Fchat and LamboPower). :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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