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joeker said:
My buddy who's a car dealer didn't have the QP available so I drove 2002 coupe. It drove really well, the handling was par with my 911. I love the sound! I presume that that GS is a lot better? But It's too hard to fit my wife and kid in there. I have the 911 for that. That's why I'm looking at the QP. I've started reading up on the QP, where the price is not a problem, the only thing I hesitate about is that most QP owners (please chime in if I'm wrong) have been replacing their clutches after 10 to 15K miles. Some even wore out faster than that. That just alarms me, because this will be my daily driver and I drive surface streets and freeways everyday. I don't want to replace it every year. Is the clutch replacement covered by the warranty? Anyways I love the interior of the coupe, it's like sitting on fine Italian furniture.
GS has an "improved" feel to it compared to the standard coupe.

Most QP customers and owners I talk to the reason seems to be because they keep their cars in auto. Stay out of auto mode and drive the cambiocorsa tranny correctly and you should get at least 30k miles out of each clutch.
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