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nice wheel, but
how about the "HRE wheel"?
is there HRE dealer in swiss? I think you better check it out!

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Swiss-Maserati said:
Do you think it can change the behaviour of my car? any experience, good or bad?
While I've never done this to a Maserati but I can say this. As you probably already know, the only real change will be in gas mileage and the speedometer. However this isn't a HUGE change so any changes just mentioned will be neglagible(sp?) unnoticeable. You should pick up some grip as well.

Find out the wheels weight vs your current wheels. If they are heavier you will lose some torque as your adding mass on a rotational force (PHYS 101) which will lower your acceleration but not your top end speed. However, it isn't like your going from 14' to 19' so I'm guess the wieght will be near the same.
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