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Re: Instead of leasing consider buying...

chris7469 said:
I own an 04 Coupe hard top. Actually took 4 adults to lunch today. The backseat is functional.

I drive in sports mode and there is no shifting drag, but you do feel the shifts. Its not ultra smooth and will never be. That just comes with owning a paddle shift Maserati. However, these cars are beautiful and just a blast to drive on a daily basis!

From what I've read, the 04 spyder had "structural reinforcements" added into the body. 02 and 03, (I think) Spyders had body issuses that have been addressed and fixed. Do a search on all the car sites on 02, 03, and 04 spyder coupes. You should find out exactly what production changes were made. If its in your budget get an 04 or 05. The biggestest difference between the two years, are the front and rear scoops. Its really a matter of personal taste.

As far as leases, these cars depreciate like ROCKS and need a new clutch every 18K 24K miles... To lease one, I was quoted around $1,500 per month for a 05 with 10Kmiles a year allocated over 36 months. I felt that was too high.

I think these cars should cost about 800 - 1,000 a month to own and operate, assuming you are going to drive 800- 1,000 miles each month.

Based on what 02s are selling for, and what you will pay for an 04 or 05 "like new" spyder with less than 3,000 miles, you should think about buying the car instead. If you buy it, drive it for 36 months then sell it, you may come out ahead. The first year of depreciation is crazy. Let someone else absorb that cost. The residual value is super low. A Maserati is not a great car to lease value wise. Its a tremendous bang for your buck to purchase. 04s with less than 3,000 miles for under $65,000. New they were close to $100,000.

Just be prepared for service costs every 6,000 miles ($350- $1,000) and clutch costs ($2,500).

Other than that, you should be set. These cars are great! Good Luck!

Very wise words here, only a few minor errors if you don't mind me correcting you

Service is not every 6,000 miles. It's the 1st 6,000 miles, and then 18,000 miles, and then 36,000 miles.

The clutches are hard to guess, mine had 14.5k on it and still ranlike a champ. But I also talk to people who have less mileage then me and are on their 2nd or 3rd clutch. So allways be ready for the clutch to go out just in case.

Cost of ownership is low unless you get a car that's troublesome which is allways bad. But just in case keep some money on the side for minor problems the warranty will not cover. I drove mine 6,200 miles and paid nothing but two new tires.
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