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New to the forum sold my Porsche to by a Maserati need help!

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I have always liked the reliabilty factor that came with my 911, I could put 15k miles a year on my car and was never worried. I live in Bergen County, NJ were Porsches are as common as Jeeps. They don't even get a second look anymore! I always want have what everyone else doesn't so I turn to the Maserati. The feedback I get is that a Maserati will spend more time in there garage than mine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am looking at a Spyder either 02 or 03. What are the common problems to expect and will I alleviate most by getting the 03?

Thanks so much,

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Would go with at least 2003, Reduced cowl shake and glass window in rear. or you could pick up a 2004 at good price. My 2004 has not had one issue in my 10 months of ownership and has yet to be back at dealership. Is it a Porsche person telling you that? Like I said in a earlier post the guy trying to sell me a new 911 gave me that same line. Had a lot of fun pissing him off when I went back there a couple of times with my brother who ordered a new 987 S. Salesman would just give me this look as all the customers flocked over to my car and start asking questions and my favorite part was when I scared the brand new 911 next to me by setting off it's alarm with my Tubi. My area is also loaded with Porsches and even a few Ferrari's but did not see one other Maserati Spyder and got a bunch of thumbs up on most rides
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