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2015 GranTurismo S Oceana/Cuoio/20" MC Design Titanio Lucido
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It looks like the consensus of tire options for the GTS is:

1) Pirelli P-Zeros
2) Michelin Pilot Super Sport
3) Hankook Ventus R-S3

What is the best place to find these tires at? I am having trouble finding the Hankooks online. I live in SD, so all I need is summer tires.


I checked and my Costco can get the Michelin PSS. Other than them check with

As for which tire, I posted in another thread a tire test done a couple years ago in which PSS finished first and P-Zero ninth.

I like spirited driving, not on the edge. I'm an old guy! :smile2:
I will lean toward the PSS as a replacement based on my research.

Installation is another issue. I get my tires for my other vehicles from Costco, but do I let them touch my GT?? lists installers in your area (I think).

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