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Candy and I were in Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend and dropped by Wynn Penske Ferrari to see what was avalible. After standing around for over an hour and being ignored we left.( I would never reccomend trying to buy a car there) On our way down the strip we noticed a sign for "Lamorghini at the Palazzo". We entered their showrom and were imediatly greeted by a very friendly Ben Nef, salesperson. I asked if they had a Ferrari Spyder avalible. He checked and while they had had one 2 days earlier it was sold during his days off. He checked the avlaible inventory and his only spyder was a 2003 Maserati spyder with 20,000 miles. Candy asked to see it and he was most gracious in taking the time to show us the car, offer to go over all documents and information they had on the Maserati. Nearly an hour later he was still enthusiactic and helpful. We really had no intention of buying this car but Ben offered to take Candy for a spin and let her drive. I waited for nearly 45 minutes until they returned. She had a huge smile on her face and told me "I want it", negociate the price.

Ben and I talked price and about an offer, even checking the net for Kelly Blue He was very forthcoming and that this was a consigned car from a local doctor, and they had sold the car to him several years earlier. The Doctor and his wife had just had a baby and were looking for a Bently but had to sell the Maserati first. With this information I made a very reduced price offer based on an indpendent inspection. No problem Ben told me. This was on Super Bowl Sunday and we were leaving for home later that evening.

Ben was kind enough to give me the name if a fine independent Italian service center in Las Vegas. I called Gary at Italian Car Service and arrainged for him to do a buyers inspection. Ben delivered the car to Gary for the inspection on Monday. Once the check was completed and I approved the offer was presented to the Doctor. He accepted the offer much to my surprise, I had assumed that my offer would be far to low and they would counter, but I'm not complaining. I then had Gary do an oil change and replace the surpentine belt as a precaution.

This fine site offerd a huge amount of information regarding Formula Dynamics and their drive by wire update. I called Jeff and he was more than helpful. He offered much addtional information regarding the operation and modifacations for the Maserati. I asked Jeff if he could pick the car up and do the install the following Monday. No problem, he told me.

So far I had not met either Jeff or Gary but I trusted Gary with the responsibility of a large investment, over the phone. I trusted Jeff with a much smaller investment, again over the phone, and I had Ben doing my bidding for me also over the phone.

Candy and I picked up the Maserati last Thursday evening from Ben. It was washed polished and full of fuel. Jeff did his part as was the service done by Gary. It was a pleasure to do business with either of these 3 and I would absolutly reccomend these gentlemen with out reserve. I must add Ben is not your local used car salesman. He understood the product and was knowleable and very helpful. Not once did we get the hard close or "I've got 2 other offers on the table". He was open honest and enjoyable to deal with.

We headed out early Friday morning heading north at a very high rate of speed. We drove it like we stole it(actually think we did). Drove the 750 miles from Las Vegas to Corning Ca on Friday. Saturday we headed home from Corning to beautiful downtown Maltby Washington. We drove it hard and fast loved the transmission modifacation and the power is incredible. This is our 1st Maserati and Candy is in love again!!!! We averaged nearly 18 mpg. At times we were in access of 100 miles per hour!!!but mostly over 90. Even on I-5 we drove well over the speed limit and got incredible mileage. Another very nice addtion to our mini collection.

p/s as we were driving thru Oregon Satruday morning my cell phone rang, it was Ben asking how were were doing and were we still happy with the car!!!

Howard and Candy Musolf
2003 Maserati Spyder(hers)
1981 Ferrari 308gtsi(hers)
Many Brass era cars(mine)

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Thank you for the recommendation, it was a pleasure working with you as well as the folks at Lamborghini Las Vegas.

We installed a Drive By Wire Enhancement Module on the Spyder, the car took the upgrade well and was very quick.

Best Regards,
-- Jeff
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