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New Quattroporte Sound System!!! Only one in the world!!

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Well I just had a customer Jack Wilson (Shortstop for the Pirates) let me have his QP for long enough to do the research to do the sound system the right way. We were able to take the stock radio's RGB output and run it into an aftermarket Alpine screen, So now if needed he can hit the bottom left button of the touchscreen and flip back and four between the Maserati screen, and the Alpine screen (if he needs to change any settings) Other than that It an alpine V-hub system with the added convenience of the alpine touchscreen, also added was a rear screen with buit in DVD for the Kids, and some major Wattage from JL amps and speakers, enjoy!

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This coupe Dash?

I believe the grandsport is already a single Din Radio but I could be wrong

I really dont see why not Its usually about two weeks of R/D to make a switcher, But I'm pretty sure I can do it, I never been afraid to get into a vehicle's electrical system.

Like that but different, Instead of putting audio and video into the stock unit, I'm coming out of the stock unit and into the aftermarket. that way you get the best sound quality cause your not using the crap output of the stock unit your using the clean high level outputs from the alpine unit. As for pitching him on doing the install, He's been a customer for a while so he was pretty willing to hand us the car for a while. And as for making it happen give us a call heres a link to our myspace, Theres contact info there.

Stop me if I'm breaking forum rules, I just wanted to show the car off since eveyone I talked to before I started thought I was crazy and it would not work, and so on
Difference on your car would be that that stock radio would be hidden away, and you could have the New Alpine double din custom Mounted In the dash.

Then If you needed to go into your info setup you can flip a switch and display the cars info, On the QP there is not room behind the radio screen opening so I used the alpines touchscreen and it controls the V-hub as well as the orb.
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Duke it out, no way man, I got respect for anyone who can do this kind of work, I've never worked on the coupe, I was just making guesses based on pics, Awsome work and thanks for the info, I have a contact at nav TV that could build that RGB converter and a touch screen could be added to the coupe, But its all about the $
Steve, I must be dense! Does the QP radio stay in the dash? Where is the Alpine touch screen? How can those of us no where near your shop get info and / or needed hardware to make the mods? BTW, fantastic job. I can't even get an iPod connected to my QP Blaupunkt :mad:

The radio is still in the dash I took the LCD out of the stock radio and replaced it with the Alpine LCD touchscreen. The radio is all there still since the car needs to see it in the CANBUS loop. But the only thing the stock radio gets used for is to change any setting in the info setup, E-mail me any questions you have about how to do the mod if your gonna attempt it
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