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i've posted some new photos to both the maserati and other photos sections. some of them are from my work at maserati of minneapolis, most of the rest are from a couple of carshows that i've gone to. all of it is digital, and only a couple have really had any manipulation done.

i have more pictures of all of the new generation masers, so if anyone is curious what an option looks like, or different interior combos look like, let me know, and i can dig through what i have.

let me know if there are a couple that people would like to see as backgrounds, and i can make them available.

- mark

aka maserati of minneapolis

(i love my job... is it monday yet??)

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Thanks for posting the photos. We can certainly make some cool simple wallpapers from them.

Right now is bad timing but in a few weeks I should be ready to take a stab at a few.

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