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Just joined the club yesterday with the purchase of a 2011 convertible. There are a few issues I knew about in advance. But most of them can wait.

After test driving the car and checking everything thoroughly I began negotiations which took several days. We finally agreed on terms and the dealer delivered the car to my house. I gave it a quick going over and there was nothing obviously different. The salesman who delivered it was even playing the radio.

Took it out the first time and almost immediately I noticed a rattling in one of the rear speakers. I'm pretty sure that either the surround has torn of perhaps the voice coil blew. Either way, it needs to be replaced or repaired. So my question is, how do I remove the rear woofer(s) from the center of the rear seat. Since this is a convertible, they are mounted in the center of the seatback rather than the deck.

Thanks in advance!
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