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OK, I took the plunge, dumped my SLK and found a beautiful used Spyder with all the options - Red! Mastering the transmission is taking some time but damn the car can MOVE! I have been reading your posts for several months and they have been a great source of information as well as entertainment. Yeah, I've had the car for a week and already been asked, "Who makes Maserati anyway?" and "Is it fast?" AND have been the object of at least two photo-ops (I'm over 50 so I don't think I was the object of the young lady's photo!)

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with Maserati of Washington DC? I exchanged e-mails with them when I was shopping for a car but they did not seem to be too interested in my business - and I ended up buying my car at the Aston Martin Dealer. The former owner traded down - what can I say? But I live near the Maserati dealer and it would be real convenient to have my car serviced there.

Save Ferris!

Cheers, Ollie
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