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New NIT module

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I just had my car ('02 Spyder) serviced. My dealer told me that there will be a new NIT module controlling the reception, radio, NAV, and screen available shortly. Maserati has approved it for my car so my dealer has already ordered it for me.


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didichen said:
NIT stands for I think "Nodo Info Telematico," which is the info center. Nothing was wrong with mine but I had my car serviced and the guys told me a new one was available and therefore called Maserati to see whether they can install it on mine.

Dietrich - any chance you could ask your dealer what the changes are? Is the new module some kind of control module which sits behind the screen, or is it a new screen etc? I'm guessing the former, but you never know...

I have an 02 Spyder which doesn't get very good radio reception and I asked my dealer to look into seeing if the reported (on this board) antenna modifications could be done and he came back saying that it was as good as it was going to get...

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