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New NIT module

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I just had my car ('02 Spyder) serviced. My dealer told me that there will be a new NIT module controlling the reception, radio, NAV, and screen available shortly. Maserati has approved it for my car so my dealer has already ordered it for me.


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with my 04 you can control this by how you leave the radio set when you turn car off
I have still not figured out how to shut off my Nav on a consistent basis, I click on the start/stop Nav and sometimes it shuts off and other time it doesn't till I repeat a couple times. And this is on a March 04 build with no software upgrades. Not a big enough problem to bring in now but will have it checked out when i bring in for service next spring. Mine also will stay on for 20 min but that is normal. Must be to keep Nav active if you are just stopping for a short time
There is setup program. Here is a copy of something I posted earlier for someone trying to change temperature from C to F. There was also Nav control setup on that screen I am not near my car so cannot check now.

"I looked in my manual and could not find so went out and played with car and found how to do. 1st push the main page button (the one that has main over dark), then push that mouse control button then you will see a setup and configuration screen click the config and you will see temprature setup and just change to F."
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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