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New member with Ghibli Spyder question

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Hi there, I'm a new member with a question about purchasing a Ghibli Spyder or an SS Spyder . Obviously due to the rarity of these models it's difficult to get an idea of the current prices. I have a rough idea that the Spyders are in the US $250,000 range but have not seen any of the SS model for sale. Does anyone know what the SS have historically gone for?
That being said it seems that the price for the Spyders that I have seen advertised compared to it's contemporaries of roughly the same year (Daytona's etc) is low. I get the feeling that the Spyder could be a great investment. Have the prices moved much in the last few years or stayed the same?

Also does anyone know of a Spyder or SS Spyder for sale. A restoration project would also be considered.

Thank you for your help.
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First Maserati built 125 Ghibli Spyders, of those 125 only 25 were 4.9 SS. Of those 25 4.9 SS Spyders approx. 12 were 5 speeds, the other half were automatics. A number of the automatics were converted to 5 speeds.

Prices have risen with the market in the last few year. I passed on a 4.7 Spyder in 2002 at $55k because I felt at the time it was over market value.

Ghiblis as with all Maserati GT cars tend to be about 1/3 the value of its comparable Ferari.
This would be for a "bucket of bolts" not even a good driver was available in 2002 for this kind of money. Try just under $100K as I know of a few that were sold around this time for that kind of money. These were 4.7 liter spyders in nice condition. Ghibli SS Spyders go for significantly more money and as already stated they are difficult to find due to the low volume produced.

Sorry, hardly a bucket of bolts, Ghibli Spyder #1081 was decent driver at the time that just needed some attention. In 2002 the market was flat, 9/11 was still recent event that shook the world.

Ferrari Daytona's were 80k cars with Lussos selling for not a lot more. Ghibli Spyder # 1081 sold at the Blackhawk Hershey auction in Oct. 2002 for a hammer price of 55K add in the buyer's fees and it came to 60K. I was there with a number of other collector/dealers that all felt given the uncertainty of the world economy that the market price at the time was mid to upper 40s.

1081 sold the following spring to Ivan Ruiz for about 65k as the market appeared more stable.

Ivan cleaned the car up, dyed the seats from Taupe to Black. The car was then sold.


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