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would just like to take this oppurtunity to introduce myself

my name is mark, i reside in a suburb of minneapolis
i work for maserati of minneapolis (part of morries mazda), i am also a photographer, specializing in cars.

i got my start doing photography of hotrods, mainly b/w. i began doing all of morries mazda's photography for ebay and customer needs this year, and have been heavily involved in our new maserati dealership.

(not in sales. dont worry im not going to try to sell anyone a car)

these are two pictures i did for our first round of advertisements.

in addition to being a photographer, i love cars, but until recently it was the porsche 911 that was my hands down favorite car. the maser has definately replaced that. (well except for the gt2)

that said, i am happy to help anyone in any way i can with problems or questions related to the new maserati's. (i honestly dont know a lot about the old cars, but im learning)

i have also gathered a pretty large collection of maserati pictures, if people want more, ill post them

ok so i know its not a maser, but i still think its one of the better looking ferrari's

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Awesome photos, I love the fall background with the leaves, stunning. Welcome to the site, we are glad to have you here. Well if you are not going to sell us a Maserati, please tell your sales people about the classified section. I'd love to see that grow.

Also, that Dino is awesome. Please share it with these guys, they will love it:


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hey MArk
i stopped by last weekend with my bro, seemed like u were't there.. ohh well...

so does the dealer just let u take out the cars??? that silver one is gorgeous!!! its on the floor now correct, right next to that other beauty, the Porsche GT2...mmmmm.....yummy......

well, buying time is real close... my pops comes home on the 24th, so we'll be in shortly there after to order our QP, assuming he wants that. its a trade up of the QP or the SL55 AMG....can't decide.... :wink:

anyhow, hey, do u have pics of the QP u guys have for a demo??? my dad loved that one and wants a pic. if u could email it to me, i'd much appreciate it..
[email protected]

thanks buddy!

take er' easy, i'll see ya around
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