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New Maserati stalls

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Hi! I'm new to the group and new to Maseratis. I recently purchased a 2005
Coupe Cambiocorsa. I'm wondering if the problems I've been having are
endemic to these cars, or if I am experiencing special problems of perhaps
the lemon variety.

First, the car stalls. Generally it's at an intersection at full stop, but
sometimes it's while traveling. I've already had it into the dealership;
they replaced a "brake sensor" they said was responsible. Since then --
it's been about five days -- it's already stalled again.

Next, the GPS system doesn't work. By that I mean it starts out telling you
where you are and where to turn, then it simply stops, or completely
misdirects you. At times it puts you in the middle of a river or the ocean.
The onscreen pointer continually spins; I don't know if this means it can't
fix on a location, or if it's simply working. According to the Info Centre,
it's receving satellite signals just fine. The dealership said they drove
it 50 miles (!) and had absolutely no problem with the Info Centre in
general and the GPS system in particular.

Any feedback would be appreciated. If possible, please send me email directly (it should be listed in my profile). Thanks.
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I just sent you an email. Here is a good link that talks about the problems you may be having with your car. There are solutions as well. Good luck.
Yep, this seems to be an 05 CC issue. You'll want to get the dealer to send both ECU and TCU in for reflash.
05 CC Reflashed!

Indeed, my dealer has reflashed the brain in my Maserati. He also replaced the clutch for the second time "just in case" and the guts of the Info Centre (it wasn't anything near working, despite their assurances that it was). It's only been two days, but so far the car feels like one would hope for the first time. Tight as a drum.

I want to thank the prompt and incredibly helpful replies from this forum. You were right and they were wrong! :)
Great news!!!! I am glad you are finally enjoying your car.
rshs said:
I want to thank the prompt and incredibly helpful replies from this forum. You were right and they were wrong! :)
Thank the Ferrari/Maserati of Seattle service dept! Instead of blowing me off when they couldn't repro the problem, they contacted MNA and got the scoop on the right fix.

a ggod dealer support is wonderful, thanks for the info. for the first time my 02 16000 miles acc. pedal stuck wide open in traffic.
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